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Holiday Wine Guide From Graft Wine Shop | Video

By: The Local Palate

Femi Oyediran, a Charleston-based sommelier and co-owner of Graft Wine Shop & Wine Bar, shares his six top wines for the holiday season. Graft, a sleek wine shop and bar, is all about good music, good wines, and good times, and so Oyediran’s lineup is, in his words, “a quick mixtape of a cool and eclectic wine selection.” From premier cru bubbles to structured pinot noir, there’s a bottle for every occasion from holiday parties to Christmas dinner to the New Year’s Eve toast.

Six Wines to Enjoy this Holiday Season

Ruelle-Pertuis Premier Cru Champagne 

“A banger, for sure,” in Oyediran’s words. This grower Champagne is made by a small family and uses entirely chardonnay grapes to get its superbly tasty profile. Keep this bottle on hand to accompany every good moment.

Rosi Schuster Aus Den Dörfern Grüner Veltliner 2019 Austria

Grüner veltliner is having a bit of a moment. Versions of the Austrian white wine can be found across all price points. This devilishly palatable bottle from Ross Schuster is mostly grüner grapes along with a few other indigenous varieties. This wine’s texture makes it a showstopper. The high acidity is balanced by the fruits’ ripeness, making it a great choice for holiday parties and pairing with appetizers.

Eisenberg Straka 2018 Austria

If you love French reds, this light and playful wine from Austria is for you. The light-bodied wine bursts with bright, red fruits (think currant and red cherry) and black pepper. The tannins are low, but ample acidity gives the wine plenty of structure. Enjoy with roast chicken, turkey, or even seafood. 

Shiba Wichern Havlin Pinot Noir 2019 Willamette

“This is one of my favorite discoveries in the past few years!” Oyediran says excitedly, reaching for this bottle. The single vineyard pinot noir comes from the Havlin Vineyard in Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Havlin’s location in the VanDuzer Corridor AVA is characterized by strong winds that blow off the ocean and get funneled through the mountains, all of which lends to the wine’s peppery, light flavor and cool-climate acidity.

A Mandria di Signadore Patrimonio Rouge

Looking for a wine to pair with Christmas dinner? This Corsican version of sangiovese is a rare exhibit of middle ground between French and Italian wines. The red wine can act like either a lighter or heavier red and goes well with steaks, burgers, and the like—and according to Oyediran, “is an amazing sword to wield at any dinner.”

Sesti Toscana Rosato 2021

If you love sangiovese but don’t want a bottle of red wine, opt for this Tuscan rosé. It has beautiful, bright fruit and a tantalizing acidity that transports us to warmer days on the beach or gathered with friends on a deck. Not a bad way to spend the holidays, right?

Video by: Jonathan Boncek

Edits by: Jack McAlister

Production by: Maggie Ward

Location: Charleston Wine + Food

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