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How Much is a Glug?

How Much is a Glug?
A Schmear of Pesto; Written by Bob Sherrier | Photo by Jonathan Boncek

In many recipes, outside of baking, measurements are often more guideline than rule—see the well-known phrase “salt to taste” to understand my meaning. However, there are measurements that, to the first-timer, could be confusing.

Some measurements—old standbys like a pinch or a sprinkle—feel intuitive.
Here’s some help for the others.

A handful is ⅓ to ½ of a cup.

A splash is about ½ teaspoon.

How much is a glug of oil?
About 2 tablespoons. That is, the amount required to coat a pan, or until the bottle audibly glugs.

A drizzle is more than a splash and less than a glug.

A pat of butter is ½ tablespoon.

A schmear is a heaping knifeful.

A dollop is a heaping tablespoon.

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