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10 Nonalcoholic Drinks for Dry January

By: The Local Palate

With a new year nearly underway, non alcoholic drinks are on the rise for more than those looking to reset with a new calendar year. With options hitting the shelves for CBD-infused seltzers, spiritless spirits, and even malty options for beer lovers, the options for imbibing without alcohol, whatever the impetus behind it, are expanding rapidly. We’ve compiled our top ten non alcoholic drinks to start (or finish) your year out strong.

Our Favorites for Drinking Dry

Blackberry beret, a non alcoholic drink

Blackberry Beret

Jackson Gilstrap of Jasper’s in Nashville, Tennessee mixes up a fruit-forward mocktail in a tall hurricane glass. With a house made blackberry basil syrup, ginger beer, and essence of lime, this mocktail mimics the spice of a moscow mule with the fruitiness of a blackberry smash.

Amaro for all, a non alcoholic drink

Amaro for All

Abbey Sanders of Southbound in Chamblee, Georgia shares this great alternative to a traditional Amaro cocktail, as it holds on to a great bitter flavor profile that is typically hard to replicate in a mocktail. Learn how to make your own non-alcoholic amaro then a simple mocktail for everyday sipping.

New fashioned, a non alcoholic drink

New Fashioned

With Spiritless Kentucky 74, consumers can enjoy the Southern classic old fashioned completely Spiritless, with a simple dash of bitters and garnished with an orange peel.

pina con nada, a non alcoholic drink

Piña Con Nada

For tropical cocktail lovers, Manu Lauzon of Easy Bistro & Bar in Chattanooga, Tennessee shares their take on the classic piña colada. Coco Lopez, lime juice, and pineapple juice make for a refreshing sipper.

lakeside mocktail with blueberries

Lakeside Mocktail

This refreshing non-alcoholic beverage is packed with effervescent bubbles, fresh citrus, berries, and anti-inflammatory kombucha, making it a delicious way to counter over-indulgence. Developed by Zane Adams, the co-founder of Buchi in Asheville, North Carolina, this drink uses nutrient-dense, craft kombucha that promotes digestive health.

purple haze mocktail, a non alcoholic drink

Purple Haze

With beauty and flavor, New Riff Distilling serves up a minty mocktail for the spring like no other utilizing butterfly pea flower extract for a vibrant purple hue. To make an alcoholic version, simply add New Riff Bourbon or Kentucky Wild Gin.

gingerberry bliss, a non alcoholic drink

Gingerberry Bliss

CBD-infused with natural ingredients and benefits, Charleston-based High Rise Seltzers add an effervescent spritz to your favorite non-alcoholic beverages. This gingerberry bliss mocktail combines a Blueberry High Rise Seltzer with fresh blueberries, a sweet maple ginger simple syrup, and a touch of thyme for a refreshing sipper for any season.

blood orange spritz, a non alcoholic drink

Blood Orange Spritz

 This blood orange spritz combines High Rise Beverage‘s Blood Orange Seltzer with an earthy turmeric-ginger simple syrup and fresh blood orange for a tart, sweet, and refreshing mocktail.

spiced citrus sparkle mocktail

Spiced Citrus Sparkle

This spiced citrus sparkle mocktail is perfect for the holiday season, or a sipper to sustain you through winter. With a tart cranberry simple syrup, a High Rise Grapefruit Seltzer base, and essences of clove and cinnamon, this non alcoholic drink embraces seasonal flavor staples.

cans of Ceebo Brew's The classic

Ceebo Brew Co.’s The Classic

Designed to look, taste, and feel like your favorite pilsner, Ceebo Brew Co. has crafted a non alcoholic beer ready to change the Southern beer scene. Ceebo’s classic flavor is inspired by German-style pilsners and utilizes a brewing process that produces a fully-fermented malt beverage while maintaining less than 0.5% ABV throughout the brewing process. The result: a light, refreshing, and guilt-free option for beer drinkers.  

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