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Larder: A Sundae Kind of Love

By: The Local Palate

From dulce de leche to honeycomb toffee, top your scoops with Southern-made goodness 


Stone Hollow Farmstead
Harpersville, Alabama

A hint of cinnamon brings intrigue to this not-too-sweet cows milk dulce de leche. Take a cue from the Argentines and spread it on toast for a decadent breakfast.


Condor Chocolates
Athens, Georgia

Nick and Peter Dale honor their Ecuadorian roots—their father met their mother, a local, while backpacking through the country—with a bean-to-bar company that partners with farmers there to produce chocolate bars, toffee, and other confections. 


Red Truck Rural Bakery
Marshall, Virginia 

When it comes to desserts, it’s all about balancing the sweet with the salty, the creamy with the crunchy. These Virginia peanuts do it all, with a little black pepper kick to boot.


Blackberry Patch
Thomasville, Georgia

When a cherry on top isn’t quite enough, reach for this syrup made with just three ingredients: cherries, cane sugar, and lemon juice. (It can also top pancakes and french toast, and doesn’t just skew sweet: try it in vinaigrettes and marinades.)


Backhouse Foods
Memphis, Tennessee

It all started with her great-grandmother’s hot fudge recipe. Now, Loren Powell hand-packs a line of small-batch dessert sauces, including these walnuts suspended in maple syrup.

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