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Recipes with 7 ingredients or less

By: The Local Palate

How are your provisions holding up? By now, many of us across the South have been sheltering in place for a few weeks and our stores may be slightly diminished. As you eye the contents of your fridge and weigh another grocery run or delivery, consider going easy on yourself this week. We’ve got hundreds of recipes that fit that bill, and have rounded up some our favorites that call for seven ingredients or less right here.

Who couldn’t use a plate of biscuits and gravy right about now? There’s no better time to work this Southern staple from cookbook author and gravy whisperer Sheri Castle into your repertoire.

No judgement if your version of biscuits come from a can, but if you’ve got the time (or you’re plum out of Pillsbury’s finest), there’s a strong case for learning how to make Nathalie Dupree’s two-ingredient biscuits. Don’t be intimidated: Dupree walks you through her technique fold by fold.

Ham, salami, and mortadella are handy to have in the fridge these days since they keep longer than other cold cuts. And if you’re feeding a crew for lunch, invest in a jar of giardiniera to make Cochon Butcher’s muffuletta.

Another practice-makes-perfect endeavor, rösti is shredded potatoes cooked in duck fat—it’s all about that crispy exterior. Top with smoked salmon and sour cream or a fried egg (and a drizzle of chile oil?), and you’ve got breakfast for dinner.

Make cochinita pibil—citrus-marinated and slow-roasted pork—and spin the leftovers into meals all week. Not that anyone would ever tire of tacos, but hot tip: shredded pork freezes well.

You know that random bottle of beer that’s been knocking around the fridge? Use it and any odd ends in the cheese drawer to make Kentucky beer cheese (the recipe calls for cheddar, but these are special times).

A fun project to do with bored little people, blackberry jam icebox cake is super accommodating to substitutions. Use any jam you’ve got on hand and swap any crunchy cookies for the graham crackers. No crème fraiche? Try Greek yogurt.

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