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With Love, Linda | Video

This garden party cocktail uses fresh, local ingredients and fizzy Mountain Valley Spring Water that can compliment any summer gatherings.

Sean Umstead's mojito riff: Fig Leaf Mojito
The Riff

Sean Umstead’s Fig Leaf Mojito | Video

With locally harvested ingredients, Sean Umstead from Kingfisher uses fig leaves to add a tropical flair to the traditional mojito.

David Szlam crafts Ginger Highball
The Riff

Ginger Highball | Video

Virgil Kaine founder, David Szlam, shows a simple recipe for a ginger highball using his craft ginger bourbon.

Image of Vern's Summer Vermouth Highball

Summer Vermouth Highball

This tasty, low-ABV cocktail is made with vermouth and enhanced by a fresh herb syrup, ready to bring brightness to any summertime event.

The Free Spirit cocktail with Mountain Valley Spring Water
Key Ingredient

Free Spirit | Video

This refreshing summer sipper leans on fresh fruit juices & Mountain Valley Spring Water for a nonalcoholic drink with antioxidant properties.

Peach Margarita in rocks glass

Spicy Peach Margarita

For a margarita that hits sweet-tart-spicy balance, try this refreshing take on the Mexican classic, crafted by Sarah Poole of Maker's Mark.

Frozen Negroni with Roku Gin

Frozen Negroni

The negroni gets a late-summer makeover by swapping the vermouth with bright orange juice and taking on frozen form.

Pina Colada with Makers Mark for a Kentucky Colada

Kentucky Colada

This mix is based on the piña colada but adds demerara syrup, vanilla extract, & nutmeg to create a flavor profile better suited to bourbon

Italiano Al Caribe with Mountain Valley Spring Water
Key Ingredient

Italiano Al Caribe

We challenged expert mixologist Megan Deschaine to create an Italian-inspired sip for Spoleto using premium Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Queen City Swizzle Cocktail at Optimist Hall in Charlotte

Queen City Swizzle

In homage to their home city, Andrews created the Queen City Swizzle, a colorful, herbaceous drink that walks the line between sweet and smoky.