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Kursten Berry shaking a cocktail
The Riff

An Autumn Riff on the Classic Old Fashioned

Atlanta-based beverage professional Kursten Berry offers three takes on the classic old fashioned, relying on sweet potato and pecan flavors.

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The Riff

Riffing on the Jungle Bird

Dalton Bedard brings global influence from his travels to the cocktails at Charlie Park—including a Brazilian spin on the Malaysian classic, the Jungle Bird.

The Riff

Private Island Punch

This punch recipe pairs rum perfectly with tropical flavors of pineapple and coconut with uniqueness of cinnamon and bitters.

The Riff

Beija Flor

This 3-step cocktail transports anyone who takes a sip to South America with flavors of cinnamon, rooibos tea, and Campari liqueur.

The Riff

Jungle Bird

This Malaysian cocktail is sure to transport you to bliss with its tropical ingredients of rum, pineapple juice, and syrup.

The Riff

Spicy Island Breeze by Ian Julian

Ditch the office and kick back with a spicy island breeze cocktail. This tropical drink was created by professional mixologist Ian Julian from Fritai in New Orleans.

The Riff

Fritai Fruit Cup

Take punches to a new level with the Fritai Fruit Cup that id great for parties that need a little extra freshness, as you are transported to the Carribean.

The Riff

Clairinha Cocktail by Ian Julian

Try the Clairinha for an easy-going cocktail. Ian Julian from Fritai offers a Caribbean play on the caipirnha, a Brazilian cocktail that combines a sugarcane liqueur called cachaça for with muddled sugar and lime.

The Riff

Southern Casseroles: A New Generation

Step aside tuna noodle and mac and cheese. Try these new school Southern casseroles for savory bakes that warm your home and fill your belly.

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The Riff

Get This Look: Channeling the Coast

Designer Suzanne Humphries creates a coastal feel for husband’s Birmingham seafood spot.