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North of Bourbon making julep cocktails
The Riff

Stirring Up a Julep for Derby Day

Brad Jennings says the seemingly simple drink has more to it than just bourbon and mint with many proper and improper ways to make a julep.

Worship Chaleka mixing a cocktail
The Riff

Mixing Up Wonderland with Worship Chaleka

Meet Worship Chaleka, the Charleston mixologist at Proof bar infusing whimsical wintery spirits with childhood memories.

corn n' oil thumbnail
The Riff

The Riff: Corn n’ Oil | Video

Christian Favier, bar manager at The Ordinary in Charleston, shares his riff on the traditional Caribbean rum cocktail, the Corn n’ Oil.

TLP Featured Image
The Riff

Autumnal Alignment with the Green Room

Amanda Britton shares her most-loved obscure classic cocktails packed with flavors grapefruit and chai, blending a taste of summer and fall.

Three riffs on the negroni sit side by side on top of a table.
The Riff

Three Takes on the Negroni from Adiõs

Try these three unique takes on negroni cocktails from beverage director José Medina Camacho of Adiõs in Birmingham, Alabama.

lavender and red colored Elevation cocktails it two glasses
The Riff

Aviation-Inspired Spring Cocktail Recipes

Nashville bar pro Hayley Teague reaches new heights to reinvigorate the aviation in three new spring cocktail recipes.

A glass punch bowl with a yellow-ish liquid and pink flowers and lemon slices inside it.
The Riff


Give this floral and honey-sweet gin punch a try as you gaze at the blooming perennials. Taste notes of almond and the fresh aromas of spring

Lavender and orange colored Elevation cocktails it two glasses
The Riff


Nashville mixologist Hayley Teague adds some color and flair to the aviation with her spring cocktail riff, the Elevation.

The aviation cocktail in a martini glass
The Riff


The aviation cocktail, with its pastel hue and full floral flavors, tastes like the essence of springtime in a glass.

Kimberly Patton-Bragg’s Christmas cocktail The Gingerman Can, a holiday hot toddy, in a punch bowl with a brick of ice and garnished with star anise, clove-studded lemons, and cinnamon sticks
The Riff

The Holiday Hot Toddy, Three Ways

Kimberly Patton-Bragg draws on the flavors of the season when conceptualizing her holiday hot toddy riffs in New Orleans.