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Two Chicken Biscuit Riffs to Satisfy Your Brunch Cravings

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Birds on Biscuits

When it comes to Southern classics, few things can top fried chicken or a warm, flaky buttermilk biscuit. Together, these staples are a powerhouse meal any time of day. Thomas Marlow, the executive chef of Mimosa Grill in Charlotte, North Carolina, says his restaurant has a love affair with fried chicken, serving it crisped in cast-iron for dinner, on a waffle for brunch, or as these chicken biscuits on their late-night bar menu. South Carolina native Sarah Simmons offers her playful take on the breakfast sandwich, whipping up a deviled egg sauce to top the fried bird.

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Sarah Simmons’ Fried Chicken Biscuit

Simmons, the owner of Columbia’s Rise Gourmet Goods and Bakeshop, refreshes the traditional egg sandwich with a deviled egg sauce. The key to Simmons’ chicken is the brine, which is well worth the one- or two-day wait to keep the chicken juicy after frying.

Mimosa Grill’s Fried Chicken Biscuit

Since a lot of resting time is involved in this recipe, Marlow suggests frying the chicken in advance. “The gluten-free dredge will keep it crispy until the next day in the refrigerator,” he says, crediting Atlanta chef Todd Richards for the tip. As for Grandma T’s biscuit recipe? It’s named for Marlow’s Grandma Theresa, “a phenomenal baker.”

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