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Ultimate Leftovers Collection

By: The Local Palate

Get Ready for the Encore

As good as the feast itself, leftovers can be transformed into a multitude of meals to keep the celebration going. First, we’ll fuel up with a morning-after sandwich stuffed with leftover bird, a sunny-side up egg, and refreshingly tangy pickled grapes. Or, if you’re ready for a break from the bird, serve up a fluffy frittata filled with last night’s creamed greens. Then we’ll get the pot on the stove for chef David Guas’s turkey and andouille gumbo, a comforting tradition that makes enough to keep feeding the crowd. We hope you didn’t throw out those turkey bones: All it takes is a long simmer to turn Thanksgiving scraps into liquid gold. (Pro tip: Freeze stock in ice cube trays for easy access or portion into zip-top bags and freeze flat to save precious icebox space.) However you spin it, leftovers can be just as wow-worthy the second time around.

Leftover Turkey Pot Pie

Better with biscuits: Turn your Thanksgiving turkey and roasted veggies into a fresh new meal with the help of some fluffy buttermilk biscuits. 

Turkey and Andouille Gumbo

The soul of gumbo, roux demands respect. It may be a simple marriage of flour and fat, but the classic French technique requires constant attention (read: stirring) and ample time to darken in hue.

Morning-After Sandwich

Some say the sandwich the next day is the best part of Thanksgiving. This one is great with an egg on top. Serve the herb salad on the side or tuck in the sandwich.

Creamed Green Frittata

Turkey Stock

Making stock from turkey bones can set you up for months of hearty soups and stews; it’s simple to make, but results in a flavor fuller than store-bought boxed versions (not to mention is more cost effective and less wasteful).

Leftover Cranberry Sauce Slab Pie with Shortbread Crust

Cranberries take a second turn in a sweet-tart slab pie. 

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