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Three Takes on the Negroni from Adiõs

By: Emily Havener

At one Birmingham bar, it’s all about the seasoning when it comes to a negroni

A person sits on a chair holding a drink and looking at the camera.
Adiõs Beverage Director José Medina Camacho

At the recently opened Adiõs, beverage director José Medina Camacho is creating one-of-a-kind drinks that highlight the variety and versatility of Mexican spirits. “It’s a misconception that Mexico is just a tequila and mezcal place,” he says, and his bold takes on an already bold drink—the negroni—exemplify this variety with multiple Mexican-made spirits.

Camacho’s classic negroni includes one of his signature bartending moves, a house red vermouth blend he created specifically for the program at Adiõs. He also likes to use a dash or two of saline in his cocktails. “I think almost every cocktail should have salt,” he says. “It’s almost like playing with salt, fat, acid.” The Enté Tres negroni, which relies on a toasty añejo tequila instead of gin, combines “fattiness from the [coconut] liqueur and then the acid from the Campari, and the saline is just to boost it up a bit.”

In the “Tulum, I See You” negroni, he uses a base of Don Q Cristal white rum and bumps up the complexity with Camazotz Oaxacan rum with green banana notes. And while he says you can use any prosecco as a sparkling wine topper, he chose the Duckman because of its elements of ginger. With these fresh takes, Camacho ensures we’ll be enjoying the negroni all summer.

A man in a blue shirt behind a bar pushes a negroni with an orange twist into view.
Photo courtesy of Adiõs

Adiõs Negroni

Camacho changes the status quo to this bold classic by playing with a house made vermouth blend that can be refrigerated for up to a month. Mix it along with gin, Campari, and garnished with orange peel.

A fluted glass holds a negroni with a lemon twist on top of a white table in front of a brown booth.
Enté Tres Cocktail

Enté Tres Negroni

Camacho presents a unique three-liquor negroni that beautifully blends a smokey tequila, acidic Campari, and coconut rum liqueur for an exciting sip. The mix-master recommends using P. Quiles vermouth.

Tulum, I see you negroni with a pineapple slice and dried flowers
“Tulum, I See You”

“Tulum, I See You” Negroni

According to Camacho, “wine is so different and so terroir driven that you can use a little bit in a cocktail and it changes something completely.” This elevated rum-punch adds prosecco, a fruity liqueur, and a refreshing blend of juices to this double-rum based party favorite.


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