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East Capital of Maryland

Easton Maryland harbor

Located in Talbot County on the Eastern Shore, the quiet and tidy town of Easton, Maryland, has served as a spot for eager travelers to stretch their legs while on their way to the picturesque seaside villages of St. Michaels and Oxford. Easton has seen a resurgence of foot traffic to its colonial city epicenter, where you’ll find charming streets lined with buildings that take you to the Colonial and Victorian eras. Easton is filled with top-notch restaurants, thriving farmers markets, and a full slate of year-round festivals that has renewed a sense of pride with compelling reasons to visit.

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Snapshot: Easton, Maryland

In recent years, the colonial city center has seen a renewed sense of pride with compelling reasons to linger, including top-notch restaurants, thriving farmers markets, and a full slate of year-round festivities.

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Indulge in the coastal flavors at Ruse, where farm-fresh produce and local oysters are found in this restaurant on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

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Merry Goat Round cheese wheel from Firefly Farm creamery
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Specialty Cheesemakers in the Mid-Atlantic

From Firefly Farms in Maryland to Georges Mill Farms in Virginia, here's where to find fresh, creamy, specialty cheeses in the Mid-Atlantic.

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The Meat about Bone Broth

Long praised as a superfood, bone broth packs a punch of nutrients and flavors. Meet the chef who's making it as easy to enjoy on-the-go as a cold-pressed juice

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Key Ingredient

Chesapeake’s Salty Spice for Brackish Blue Crabs

A Chesapeake fishing family created a seasoning in 1945 to complement their crabs. 75 years later, their team produces 30,000 of their bestselling original blend used at Maryland's most popular crab houses.

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Hometown pride abounds in Baltimore so much so that it oozes into the city's dining experiences, which capture the flavors of Chesapeake.

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Step into Naptown, as the locals call it, and enjoy the developing and delicious food scene happening in Annapolis.

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Washington DC

For a city only recently coming into its culinary prowess, Washington DC restaurants and markets serve as ambassadors to global flavors.