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Mobile skyline over the water

With its 300-plus years of history on the western banks of Mobile Bay on the Gulf Coast, Mobile has many tales to tell. Millions of azalea blooms festoon this port city each spring, ranging from whisper pink to screaming fuchsia. It’s the birthplace of Mardi Gras in the United States—yup, that’s not New Orleans, y’all. Today it offers a family-friendly but still festively fun Carnival celebration (complete with Moon Pies tossed from parade floats). And sometimes when the tide, temps, and prevailing winds are just right, a phenomenon called a jubilee brings crabs, flounder, and more to the bay’s shallows and shores. That only happens in one other spot in the world (it’s Tokyo, in case you’re curious). With the scenic beauty and natural wonders of the bay, the city has a lot to rave about—and Mobile’s culinary culture should be in the conversation too. While its waterfront setting means seafood is the obvious queen of cuisine here, the dining scene reaches far beyond the confines of that box and hits flavors from around the globe.

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