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2 Low-ABV Cocktails for Thanksgiving

By: The Local Palate

Thirsty Thursday

Whether you’re confined to the kitchen crafting a lavish feast or gathered around the TV cheering on your team, Thanksgiving is best with a drink in hand. Since no one wants to be the relative who’s had one too many before sitting down to dinner, we turned to Kellie Thorn, the beverage director for Hugh Acheson’s Georgia- based restaurant empire, for some low-alcohol cocktails prime for sipping all day. She uses ingredients that can be found in a home bar—or make a worthy addition—sweet vermouth, sherry, and bitters. “The great thing about having sweet vermouth handy is that you can use it for many other cocktails, but I also enjoy it on the rocks with a twist of lemon,” she says. The bitters, too, can dress up all sorts of drinks. Here, Thorn employs the staples in the orange-infused Thatch Pattern and an effervescent sherry punch—just what you need for navigating a day of family time.

Sparkling Sherry Punch

Make the oleo saccharum the night before and the rest comes together in a snap.

Thatch Pattern

This low-ABV cocktail is perfect for anyone who loves manhattans.

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