Datil Pepper Dishes in St. Augustine

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The datil pepper is a delicacy unique to the St. Augustine region. The small but mighty pepper is similar in its heat index to a habanero, measuring 100,000 to 300,000 on the Scoville scale, and features a sweet and fruity tang uncommon to other hot pepper varieties. It is believed that the datil pepper originated in Menorca, a Spanish island located in the Mediterranean, and was brought to St. Augustine when the Menorcans arrived in Florida in 1777. Today, the datil pepper is still an important ingredient in Menorcan cuisine and is often used to make hot sauces, relishes, jams, and even desserts. The majority of datil pepper products sold on the market and used in Florida restaurants are made from datil peppers grown in St. Augustine.  

Black Molly Grill Datil Cheese Cake

Where to Try Datil Peppers  

Smoked Datil Ale at Bog Brewing Company

Bog Brewing Company: Smoked Datil Ale

Known for producing St. Augustine’s first datil beer, Bog Brewing sources their datil peppers locally and smokes them in house for a uniquely smoky and spicy brew. Available seasonally, the light and crisp beer features notes of mesquite-and-applewood-smoked datil peppers and has a light and robust heat flavor profile.   

Catch 27: Menorcan Seafood Chowder

This tomato-based chowder blends flavors of the Mediterranean with Florida’s fresh ingredients and is one of St. Augustine’s signature dishes. Catch 27’s version has a sweet and spicy broth, courtesy of the datil peppers, and is loaded with clams, fish, and bacon.  

Datil Dark Ice Cream at Mayday Ice Cream

The Black Molly Grill: Datil Cheesecake

Looking for more ways to incorporate the famous datil pepper into their menu, the owners of the Black Molly Grill thought to create a spicy version of their famous cheesecake. Today, the datil pepper cheesecake and seasonal flavors, like blueberry datil and chocolate orange datil, are local favorites.  

Mayday Ice Cream: Datil Dark Ice Cream

This rich chocolate ice cream is filled with crunchy cacao nibs and offers a spicy kick from datil peppers. Enjoy it by the scoop or stock your freezer with a pint to enjoy this deliciously hot treat at home.

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