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These Oysters are the Perfect Party Starter

By: The Local Palate

Step aside pimento cheese and pâté, the only hors d’oeuvres we want to eat on Thanksgiving are oysters. After all, this holiday is a marathon, not a sprint— as we all sometimes need reminding. Put a major dent in that pastry-wrapped wheel of brie before dinner and risk not being able to enjoy the spread that we’ve all devoted the past week to. But more importantly, despite the proliferation of raw bars these days, oysters still feel fancy.

Plus: Procuring and shucking can easily be outsourced to those well-meaning guests who would otherwise be milling around (read: in your way) in the kitchen. Of course, we love oysters with nothing more than a drop of Tabasco, but in keeping with the celebratory vibes, we top them here with a nugget of garlic-parsley compound butter before they’re quickly grilled (perhaps by those aforementioned guests?). Atop a slice of grilled baguette with a squeeze of lemon, they’re somehow satisfying and tantalizing—a primer perfected.

Grilled Oysters with Garlic-Parsley Butter

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