Get Saucy with Muscadine Wine

By: The Local Palate

We have an extensive recipe archive here at TLP, but it can get a little overwhelming at times if you’re attempting to plan a menu. So we have put together a Sunday supper to help get you started. Shop today and enjoy cooking tomorrow!

Sara Clow of Growfood Carolina gives us advice on what to grow, pickle and preserve in each issue of The Local Palate. Muscadine grapes top her list of what to preserve in October. We are going to follow her advice in this Sunday Supper to use muscadine grapes but rather than preserve them, use them in a recipe from Chef Christian Froelich. Muscadine-glazed pan-roasted chicken is perfect for a hearty Sunday supper and sweet potato hash browns are a tasty way to make sure not a drop of the muscadine sauce goes to waste. Bake a batch of our gingerbread cookies for a spicy finish.

Gingerbread Cookies

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