Recipes From Our Fall Issue

By: The Local Palate
Green enchiladas

Green Enchiladas

Hot sauce

Prickly Pear Hot Sauce

Peppers to make sambal


Dead man's fingers seaweed ready to become salsa verde

Dead Man’s Fingers Salsa Verde

Hot honey brussels sprouts piled in a white bowl

Marcus Bar and Grille Hot Honey Brussels Sprouts

Fresh Persimmons

Warm Blistered Persimmon and Radicchio Salad

At the Table

13 Winter Stews Keeping Us Warm

From brunswick stew and gumbo to bowls of confit chicken and catfish, these winter stews from across the South blend old school traditions with new school ideas

In the Field

8 Stories of Women Shaping Southern Food

From thought-provoking authors to pioneering chefs to impactful organizers, we’ve gathered some of our most loved female-focused stories.

At the Table

A Barbecue Expert’s Top Tips for Tailgating

Need help with creating the perfect tailgating experience? Michael Letchworth of Sam Jones BBQ has four tips to make it stress free and easy!

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