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Thank You, Charleston

By: Hannah Lee Leidy

In the sixteenth Charleston Wine + Food Festival, a recipe was celebrated: a collective of artists, culinary visionaries, craftsmen, bartenders, brewers, purveyors, couriers, farmers, event staff, sanitation assistants, security guards, writers, musicians, prep chefs, servers, restaurateurs, guests, and Charlestonians. Together, something amazing happened.

When the event organizers began planning for this year’s Charleston Wine + Food festival, there were a lot of unknowns. They navigated putting on a live event during a global pandemic, and they asked themselves and the community how they could best support the food and beverage industry–one that was hit so hard over the last two years. There were new venues. There were new policies. There were new initiatives.

And, what came out of it was magic.

Everyone involved in the festival came together in a way that hadn’t been possible in so long. Coming out of a pandemic to plan this reunion seemed both daunting and exciting. But the opportunity to reconnect with the community motivated the festival organizers to push through with faith.

The nonprofit organization was created to celebrate, educate, enrich, and promote the Lowcountry’s diverse culinary and hospitality community through world-class experiences. And together, this mission became a reality.

Event organizers send a sincere “thank you” to the entire community that was a part of the 2022 Charleston Wine + Food Festival. They credit the success to the hundreds of volunteers, supportive officials, friends old and new, sponsors, and all who helped the event return this year. Was it perfect? Nope–few homemade dishes are, but they’re still delicious. And this one was worth savoring.

125 events in five cities and towns.

500 chefs, beverage pros, writers, and artisans traveling from as far away as Ghana.

Scores of bands, DJs, singers, and creatives.

20,000 commemorative glasses filled with countless sips.

200,000 small plates loaded with memorable bites.

And, best of all–30,000 guests who proved that the event really is better together.

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