Bold, Batch-Sized Low-Alcohol Drinks

By: Emily Havener
Apothecary making a low alcohol drink, pouring the drink mixture through a sieve

In Dallas, Apothecary is putting a new spin on low-alcohol drinks. On the one hand, creative director Tanner Agar and bar manager Greg Huston are getting technical with centrifuges and pyrolysis. On another, they’re looking at food and asking why it can’t be used to make drinks, or why culinary techniques like sous vide can’t be used when composing a cocktail. You’ll have to visit Apothecary to experience some of these techniques, but others can be replicated for at-home entertaining.

Here, Agar and Huston share low alcohol drinks perfect for a long, lazy afternoon that bleeds into the night. They require significant prep time—but if you’ve ever begun cooking a holiday spread days in advance, or even just made a dessert that calls for resting dough or freezing pie filling overnight, we urge you to give that attention to one of these batch-friendly low alcohol drinks for your next gathering instead, and keep the food simple. We guarantee you and your guests will be impressed because even if they’re low alcohol they are highly recommended.

Tips for Making Batch Cocktails

When making individual cocktails, ounces can be relied on, but when batching, it’s often simpler and more accurate to measure in milliliters. Recipes will use a blend of measurements depending on what is both simplest and most accurate. For most recipes, you’ll need an 8- or 10-inch chinois strainer, a measuring glass with milliliters and ounces, a double jigger, and a selection of mason jars for storage. Additional special equipment is listed in the recipe.

6 Low Alcohol Drinks for Summertime Refreshment

a light pink low alcohol cocktail with a lemon rind. a bowl of raspberries out of focus in the background.

Raspberry Vermouth and Soda

Lil Pink Drink, a low alcohol drink with a skewer of pineapple across the top

Lil Pink Drink

A glass of bright orange liquid with a slice of dehydrated lemon and lots of ice. A Rhubarbra Streisand, a low alcohol cocktail.

Rhubarbra Streisand

A Blood Orange low alcohol Cocktail. A bright yellow, red, and orange drink. The colors are swirling together in the glass. A slice of orange is inside.

Blood Orange Spritz

Horse Play, a lime green low alcohol drink with a roasted cucumber skewered and placed at the top of the glass.

Horse Play

Holy Pozole, a low alcohol drink in a tall glass with cilantro and radishes on top

Holy Pozole

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