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What’s in Season: Southeastern Citrus

By: The Local Palate

Taste of Citrus

The return of cooler air to the Southeastern U.S. brings one of the most luxurious and snackable fruits of the year. The tangy sweetness and well-rounded acidity of Southern citrus is about to arrive, delighting those who venture beyond the rind.

The Seville orange was most likely the first variety to reach the shores of North America, as it was brought to Eastern Florida by the Spanish at the end of the sixteenth century. These fruits, along with others, were quickly dispersed and replanted throughout the Southeast. There is historical record of oranges being grown in Charleston gardens as far back as 1737, which means nearly 300 years of citrus growing in the Lowcountry. These vibrant, exotic, and flavorful fruits were historically held in high regard, often being made into wine, dessert, or simply as the centerpiece of a dinner table.


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