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Quirk Hotel Lobby

Getaway: The Quirk Hotel

Quirk Hotel in Charlottesville, Virginia, offers a cozy place to rest with a collection of vibrant modern art arranged throughout.

Outside of a Meeting Street Hotel in Charleston for our Road Trips Issue 2023
From the Magazine

Letter From the Editor: Our Road Trips Issue 2023 Is Here!

Want to explore somewhere new? The newest road trips issue of the Local Palate is now here to inspire and guide your next journey!

TLP Featured Image
Road Trip

What The Wine Pros Are Drinking This Fall

A handful of women shaping the landscape of southern wine tell us what perfect wine pairings and bottles they’re craving this fall.

Katsuji June TLP Felicia Trujillo

Treasuring Time at the Table at a’Verde

In North Carolina, chef Katsuji Tanabe draws from his Mexican and Japanese lineage to craft culinary masterpieces at his restaurant, a’Verde.

A black pot full of water sits on top of a stove.
Southern Makers

Must-Have Kitchenware for Fall Gumbo

Set yourself up for the perfect gumbo this fall with carefully crafted kitchenware made right here in the south.

Apples 4 adobespark 1 1
In the Field

An Apple Orchard Grows at Southall

Years in the making, Southall opens as an agriculturally minded luxury farm, inn, and apple orchard introducing its many varieties of apples.

Fall Issue 2023 Drink Like a Girl feature
From the Magazine

Letter From the Editor: Our Fall 2023 Issue Is Here

TLP's Fall Issue is here, an issue brimming with great stories to carry you out of the summer and straight into fall—glass of wine in hand.

pathway to Miel's patio
At the Table

Miel Takes Sourcing Seafood Seriously

We caught up with Jason LaIacona of Miel in Nashville to learn more about what he looks for and how to shop for seafood as a home cook.

Boiled peanuts in a bowl
At the Table

Cracking the Code: Boiled Peanuts

Chef John Martin Stokes and wife Lauren Stokes are transforming fine dining with this boiled peanuts recipe from their restaurant Tarasque Cucina.

Five men stand posed in from of a white canvas.
From the Magazine

Charleston Barbeque Pitmasters Defining the Industry

Meet eight pitmasters defining BBQ in Charleston and their individual insights and impact on the industry.