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Cutting into Backyard Brisket

Backyard Brisket

From the North Carolina-based "Pit Master", Ed Mitchell, himself, comes this slow-smoked, tender and flavorful backyard brisket recipe.

Barbecue Pickled Cabbage on a barbecue sandwich

Barbecue Pickled Cabbage Recipe

With a tangy apple cider vinegar base, this barbecue pickled cabbage makes for a fresh and smoky topping to any sandwich.

Jerk-spiced spare ribs with mango on the side

Jerk-Spiced Spare Ribs with Coconut Guava Slaw

Kenny Gilbert shares this recipe for succulent, jerk-spiced spare ribs with a tropical, sweet, juicy, and spicy coconut guava slaw.

Kimchi Slaw by Heirloom BBQ

Kimchi Slaw

This Kimchi Slaw by Chefs Jiyeon Lee and Cody Taylor is a cold fermented slaw with fresh vegetables made one week in advance; pair with pork.

Hickory Chow Chow Pancakes or chow chow okonomiyaki

Chow Chow Pancakes with Soup Bean Mayo Recipe

These chow chow pancakes combine a Southern staple ingredient with the Japanese-influenced okonomiyaki recipe for a fermented, crispy result.

Sam Jones' Sweet Coleslaw in a paper basket with a fork

Sam Jones’ Sweet Coleslaw Recipe

A versatile sweet coleslaw recipe is a staple in every Southern kitchen. Sam Jones’ scalable recipe will be your new barbecue favorite.

Hubs crunchy peanut asian salad

Hubs Crunchy Asian Salad with Peanut Dressing

Straight from Virginia's peanut country, Hubs peanuts add a flavorful and crunchy profile to this veggie-packed salad.

People eating sweet potato waffle topped with vegan barbecue

Sweet Potato Waffles with Vegan Barbecue

Chef Katie Dixon's mission is "building a healthier Mississippi from the ground up," reimagining this Southern dish in vegan barbecue form.


Stuffed Cabbage with Tomatoes and Onions

This delicious and savory dish makes all who try it feel warm and comforted with its familiar ingredients and simple, yet powerful flavors.

Key Ingredient

Turkey and the Wolf Collard Melt

The Collard Melt is a mainstay on the menu at Turkey and the Wolf courtesy of the chef skills of Mason Hereford.