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LasAlmasRotas ©Marple 482 E 1
At the Table

Salud! TLP’s Best Margarita Recipes

We've written about a lot of margarita recipes over the years. We rounded up a few of our best margarita recipes so you don't have to comb through them all.

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The Riff

The Riff: Frozen Margaritas

The origins of the margarita belong, of course, to Mexico, but we have Texas to thank for the drink’s frosty, slushy iteration.

Hatch green chile frozen margarita

Hatch Green Chile Frozen Margarita

Check out this hatch green chile frozen margarita from Rancho Lewis, a restaurant where flavors from West Texas, Chihuahua, Mexico, and New Mexico converge. The restaurant, John Lewis’ homage to his Texan roots, is stocked with regional ingredients— the [...]


Spiced Carrot Margarita

To really push the winter blues away, Tiffanie Barriere reaches beyond the dark and moody spirits: Tequila. “Margaritas bring people to a happy place,” she says. “You think about sitting on a beach in Mexico.”


Strawberry Rhubarb Margarita

Strawberries are ideal for a number of sweet treats, and this strawberry rhubarb margarita is no exclusion.

Beet Rita Thumb

Beet Margarita

This stunning beet margarita from Charleston's Basic Kitchen is perfect for the heat and puts good use to leftover beet juice.


Cucumber-Mint Margarita

Bold and smooth silver tequila cuts through cucumber’s mellow, refreshing flavor, and the herbal sweetness from fresh mint makes it summery.

LasAlmasRotas ©Marple 482 E 1

Las Almas Classic Margarita

This simple syrup classic margarita is the best of the best. Thank Las Almas Rotas in Dallas for this delicious concoction!

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