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Our Most Popular November Recipes

By: The Local Palate

As the days became cooler and shorter, we began to look toward comforting and warm meals while still looking back to bright and refreshing foods we craved months before. We made homemade biscuits with marmalade for breakfast, tomato aspic and pan fried pork chops for dinner, decadent layer cakes for dessert, and paired luscious duck-fat gravy with mashed potatoes. Below were our ten most popular November recipes.

What Our Readers Cooked and Drank Last Month

12 biscuits on a metal baking tin was one of the Local Palate's popular November recipes.
Photo by Andrew Cebulka

Nathalie Dupree’s Two-Ingredient Biscuits

Nathalie Dupree’s two-ingredient biscuits are fluffy and flaky but need nothing more than heavy cream and flour to make. Add some jam, butter, or honey on it for a great side for breakfast, soups, and classic fried chicken.

Dunking a turkey in the fryer, one of our most popular november recipes

Smoked & Fried Turkey Tutorial

Making a turkey can be an intimidating process, but Steven Satterfield outlines a process to smoke the dark turkey meat and deep-fry the white meat to produce tender, succulent meat for your table.

Cranberry preserves in a glass jar was one of the Local Palate's popular November recipes.
Photo by Andrea Behrends

Cranberry Preserves

Make this delicious cranberry preserves recipe from executive chef Rebekah Turshen at City House. This recipe is sweet with a pleasant tang from the cranberries and lemon. These preserves are great to spread on biscuits, toast, or some decadent cheesecake.

A thin slice of Peninsula Grill's Coconut Cake plated on a chocolate drizzle and cut strawberries, one of the Local Palate's popular November recipes.
Image by Peninsula Grill

Peninsula Grill’s Ultimate Coconut Cake

This twelve-layer cake from Peninsula Grill uses coconut in every way to create the ultimate cake. This dessert is great for all parties and will bring a lightly nutty, lighly tangy taste to keep you going. Peninsula Grill breaks the baking down to a granular approach so you can have a slice of this cake that is one of our most popular recipes, no matter the time of year.

Plated tomato aspic surrounded by sliced cherry tomatoes, one of our most popular November recipes
Image by Andrew Cebulka

Tomato Aspic

Step aside, festive jello salads, tomato aspic is here to steal the spotlight. This aspic from Bill Bowick and David Bouffard of Sugar Bakeshop in Charleston tastes like “a bloody mary in solid form.”

Shoe string french fries smothered by duck fat gravy, one of our most popular November recipes

Duck Fat Gravy

This duck fat gravy is so good it goes with any meal. This recipe comes from the Tattooed Moose in Charleston. Follow the lead of the Moose and serve it with crispy fries, or pour the gravy on some creamy mash potatoes and turkey.

Breakfast sandwich plated beside a condiment cup of Cranberry Aioli, one of our most popular november recipes.
Photo by Reese Moore

Cranberry Aïoli

TLP Test Kitchen’s simple recipe for cranberry aïoli uses four ingredients and is good on almost anything. From turkey to elevated breakfast sandwiches, this cranberry aïoli has it all with tang, tart, richness that can’t be beat.

The GameChanger from Hometeam BBQ on Sullivan's Island, one of our most popular November recipes.
Photo by Andrew Cebulka

The Gamechanger

Home Team BBQ in Charleston shares their special tailgating drink that will be a game-changer for game day. With five ingredients, you’ll be on your way to a winning drink at your tailgate.

Pan fried pork chop plated with spaghetti aglio e olio and roasted asparagus, one of our most popular November recipes
Image by Sam Hanna

Paneed Pork Chops

Chef Jason Goodenough of the New Culinarian in New Orleans shows how to pan fry pork chops, or paneed pork, with expert tips and tricks. Goodenough serves his paneed pork with spaghetti aglio e olio and roasted asparagus but emphasizes that the homey, rustic dish is a versatile base that can go with almost anything.

P.J.’s Calamondin Marmalade in a condiment cup on a burlap tablecloth, one of our most popular November recipes.
Image by Tim Hussey

P.J.’s Calamondin Marmalade

P.J. Gartin’s three-ingredient calamondin marmalade is great to jar and make into gifts for family and friends. Put it in yogurt to add an orange flavor, sweeten meats by adding a spoonful in the frying pan, or stir it into your winter cocktails.

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