Peaches are the poster child of Southern fruits, eye-catching for their fuzzy exterior and blushing color that calls out to us from the roadside stand as a juicy summertime snack. Chef Gregory McPhee of Mr. Crisp in Greenville, South Carolina, prefers Mac’s Pride peaches from McLeod Farms in McBee, South Carolina, which he says produces some of the best in the state. He sticks it out every summer until peaches are in full swing, then finds new ways to incorporate them on the menu.



Raw Preparations

peach with leaf

Peaches make an appearance in both crudos and ceviches at Mr. Crisp. In one preparation with white soy and citrus, McPhee says, “the sweetness helps balance a broth with a fatty fish like rudderfish or hamachi.”

Finding Balance

For McPhee, “really salty oysters” bring out a lot of flavor from peaches. Briny oysters like Core Sounds out of Jarrett Bay from the Outer Banks in North Carolina have become mainstays at the restaurant for pairing with their peach mignonette.

Roast Away

“Roasting peaches and pairing [them] with fresh pomodoro works well with light summer pastas paired with chiles and shellfish,” says McPhee. Their natural nectar adds a layer of complexity to any summertime plate.

Get the Recipe: Mr. Crisp’s Peach and Shiso Mignonette

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