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Quick, Last-Minute Thanksgiving Tips

By: Hannah Lee Leidy

A Cheat Sheet for Turkey Time

It’s nearly game day—are you Thanksgiving ready? If not, we’ve got your last-minute meal prep covered with a few how-tos, basic recipes, and other Thanksgiving tips to get you through the week. From turkey stock to sides to biscuits—here’s what you need to prepare a Southern holiday feast.

Biscuit Biscuits

Tips for Light and Lovely Biscuits 

Whether used as a vessel to deliver jam, honey or sausage or gobbled as is, biscuits epitomize the Southern table.


Taking Stock

How to Make Turkey Stock

So you’ve roasted your turkey, let it rest, and carved it up for the Thanksgiving feast, but what about all those scraps? Turns out, what’s left on the cutting board is the stuff of gold.

Turkey Dos and Don’ts

The Only Turkey Recipe You’ll Ever Need

Here, we’ve gone back to the basics, focusing on the techniques that yield a crispy, juicy bird: a dry-brine and a hot oven.

Great Gravy 

Get Ahead with Sheri Castle’s Gravy

This gravy can be made ahead and reheated, which is a gift to cooks who are juggling pans and plates in the mad rush right before serving the meal.

Mashed Potatoes, Debunked

Step-by-Step to the Starch

A guide to making perfectly fluffy mashed potatoes and a recipe infused with just a hint of rosemary and butter from our TLP Test Kitchen.

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