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Redux: Indoor S’mores

By: The Local Palate

No Campfire Necessary

Chocolate. Marshmallow. Graham cracker. When combined, these three ingredients really need no introduction. But everyone has an opinion on the perfect s’more technique. Take your gear. The evolving tools of the trade range from knife-hewn sticks (from caveman days, and still the choice of diehards everywhere) to tailor-made Boy Scout regulation roasting sticks. Next, there are the ingredients. There are those who carefully roast their ’mallows to golden-brown and those who prefer them blackened. There are those that wouldn’t dream of using anything other than the classic Hershey’s bar and those who go rogue, those who eschew the graham cracker and reach for ginger snaps instead. And then there are Tim Laxton, head baker and owner of Early Bird Biscuit Co. & Bakery and pastry chef Isabel Eckrosh of The Dog and Pig Show and, both in Richmond, Virginia, who say to hell with all convention, ditch the campfire, and build their own (indoor) s’mores recipes from the ground up.

Moonlight Campfire S’mores

S’mores Fudge Bar

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