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In the Fridge with Marcus Samuelsson

Chef Marcus Samuelsson reveals his favorite fall ingredient staples.

In The Fridge: Chef Marcus Samuelsson holding out a plate of food in a white bowl while standing in his colorful kitchen.

There’s no doubt that the food is good when the chef has won eight James Beard Awards, authored multiple cookbooks, and hosted, competed on, and won numerous food and cooking competition shows. We’re talking about culinary legend Marcus Samuelsson.

Most recently, the acclaimed chef, noted for dishes that draw inspiration from his Swedish and Ethiopian roots, has expanded his portfolio with Atlanta’s Marcus Bar & Grille, where he hopes to create a gathering place for the community and, above all, celebrate the rich history and culture of the restaurant’s location in the historic Old Fourth Ward district. As fall sets in, Samuelsson turns to these staple ingredients—both at home and in his restaurants—time and time again. 

“Atlanta is a world-class metropolis of Black culture and a city I have long loved through its music, film, arts, and of course, food. Being able to now join this community in Old Fourth Ward is an incredible honor.” 

5 Things Inside Marcus Samuelsson’s Fridge

In The Fridge: Black and white photo of Chef Marcus Samuelsson holding out a plate of food in a white bowl behind the line in his kitchen.

Brussels Sprouts

As fall approaches, Samuelsson loves to feature brussels sprouts on his menus. He says the key is “getting the leaves slightly charred and crispy, and a good drizzle of hot honey.”


As a father, Samuelsson uses pumpkin to make family food delicious and nutritious. “I love dicing up fresh pumpkin and keeping the puree in my fridge for anything from oatmeal to pancakes to soup.”


Fall comes with great seasonal selections of IPAs. Samuelsson says he enjoys “the hoppiness of IPAs for stews, batters, and— of course—just to drink.”

Fresh Herbs

“I like to finely chop mint and cilantro together and release all of those aromatic oils. That combination can really give a lift to hearty fall dishes.”

Honey Butter

Samuelsson’s concept in Atlanta has allowed him to open the door to the heavenly pairing of biscuits and honey butter. He considers a local butter with honey and a touch of flaky salt the ultimate comfort food experience.

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