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In the Fridge with Miranda Lambert

By: The Local Palate
Miranda Lambert holding a bundt cake in her kitchen

From a girls’ night out to an intimate dinner for two, Miranda Lambert is all for “feel-good food” that brings comfort to any occasion. What to eat and cook depends on the setting for the country music icon and Grammy winner, but Lambert’s Southern hospitality especially shines when she’s creating a “come on in and sit a spell” environment for friends and family at home. And she’s no stranger to the kitchen: In 2021, she opened a Tex-Mex establishment, Casa Rosa, in Nashville in order to bring the food the Texan native misses so dearly closer to home. For her forthcoming cookbook, Y’all Eat Yet? Welcome to the Pretty B*itchin’ Kitchen (Dey Street Books, 2023), Lambert says it took a village to gather recipes from her “gal gang.”

5 Staples Inside Miranda Lambert’s Fridge

  • Ranch Dressing: “Ranch first! I’m a Texan, so that’s a rule. Ranch goes with almost everything.” Lambert prefers homemade.
  • Eggs: If available, farm-fresh eggs are always in Lambert’s fridge. From breakfast to deviled eggs to baked goods, she says, “You can do so many things if you have eggs on hand.”
  • Salsa: “In Texas, we put that out with every meal as a condiment,” she says. It’s also good to have in a pinch “for a quick snack of chips and salsa in case someone drops by,” she adds.
  • Lemons: An abundance of citrus is always on hand, Lambert says, especially since “[they’re] always needed for iced tea or a cocktail.”
  • Peppers: From sweet peppers to bell peppers to jalapeños, “[they’re] all an easy way to add some flavor and kick to a dish.”

I always lean toward something that tastes like home,”

Miranda Lambert

As told to Brendan Montesinos

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