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All Mixed Up with Blanc Creatives

Add handcrafted quality to your home bar with tools by Blanc Creatives

Having the right tools for the job makes a difference—especially when it comes to mixing restaurant-grade cocktails at home. With almost 40 years of architectural ironwork under his belt, Corry Blanc of Blanc Creatives in Waynesboro, Virginia, brings a meticulous eye for detail to creating handforged culinary tools. Blanc Creatives uses modern tooling and techniques to make all of its kitchen gadgets but still prides itself on making everything by hand. These four tools will take your home cocktail creation to the next level.

Blanc Creatives Cocktail Picks

1 | Cocktail Pick Set

Move over, store-bought toothpicks: Blanc Creatives’ cocktail pick set provides a sturdy asset to hold that brandied cherry for an old fashioned. The set of six hand-hammered stainless steel cocktail picks arrives in an eye-catching copper holster. $125

Blanc Creatives Premium Bottle Opener

2 | Bottle opener

With a choice of locally forged maple, walnut, noir (oxidized walnut), or magnolia woods, these premium bottle openers are modern, functional—and might just change how often you pop open a cold one on a sweltering summer day. $120

Blanc Creatives Walnut Cocktail Muddler

3 | Cocktail Muddler

Using locally sourced Appalachian hardwoods, Blanc Creatives makes its cocktail muddlers from three types of wood, from maple to walnut. While providing sturdy craftsmanship at its finest, the muddler is just right for afternoon mojitos on the porch. $75

Blanc Creatives Cocktail Spoons

4 | Cocktail Spoon

Made from forged stainless steel, this handcrafted cocktail spoon has a hammered, textured stem and unique design, reinforcing the notion that good cocktails can be stirred, not shaken. $110

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