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6 Blueberry Recipes for Picking Season

By: The Local Palate

Pint, bucket, or gallon, blueberry season is in full swing and shuffling through some brush to snag these berries at their peak is well-worth the effort. If you’re like us, you often get caught up in the hunt for plump, juicy berries and come home with an extra gallon or two. Instead of shoving excess into freezer bags, capture the berries at their best with one of these six blueberry recipes.

Capture Ripeness with These Blueberry Recipes

Blueberry Lemontini, a bright pink cocktail with an ice sphere in the middle

Blueberry Lemontini

Blueberry puree is an excellent use for berries that are a bit lackluster, and this blueberry lemontini is a bright and flavorful reward after picking on a hot day. Pastel pink and refreshing, this beverage comes from Rose Villa Southern Table and Bar in Daytona Beach, Florida. It calls for a lemonade ice sphere to maximize chill without watering down the flavor.

Granola Crisp

Blueberry and Peach Granola Crisp

This blueberry and peach granola crisp makes for an easy weekend breakfast that features sweet, jammy blueberries, ripe peaches, and crunchy granola. Serve alongside Greek yogurt for a morning treat, or with a scoop of your favorite vanilla ice cream in the afternoons. Either way, we recommend sprinkling an extra dose of cinnamon and nutmeg over the top for added toasty notes.

Amethyst blueberry pie nestled in a pie plate with a slice removed

Amethyst Blueberry Pie

With a rich, purple center mimicking the geode amethyst, this blueberry pie pairs sweet, juicy blueberries with tart orange zest, orange juice, lemon juice, and cranberries. The contrast helps balance the berries’ sweetness, so you can still dollop whipped cream on top, or serve alongside a scoop of your favorite ice cream. We recommend using fresh berries if you can, but frozen will work just as well.


Berry Cobbler

Many of us have experienced the swelling pride of returning home with a bounty of berries, only to find we’ve picked more than we can manage. This berry cobbler recipe acts as an easy, shareable dessert to pass along to friends and neighbors, showcasing the fruit in its finest form but keeping the work level low.

Blueberry jam tart with large coconut flakes on top

Blueberry Jam Tart with Toasted Coconut

This simple blueberry tart recipe yields an impressive dessert: Begin with simple, flaky puff pastry, incorporate your own homemade jam or quality store-bought preserves, assemble, bake, and enjoy. Be sure to seek out large coconut flakes so that they help flavor the berries during baking.

Blueberry lemon ricotta cake on a grey background with stray berries on the side and a light blue napkin

Blueberry Lemon Ricotta Cake

Baked to fluffy perfection, the creamy ricotta in this recipe pairs perfectly with the fruity and tangy elements of the blueberry and lemon without one flavor overpowering another. Once you try ricotta as a creamy base for a cake, you won’t be looking back.

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