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Spring Recipes Our Staff Is Cooking

By: The Local Palate

With winter in the rearview, the onset of spring recipes have us trading winter’s leafy greens and cruciferous and root vegetables for slender asparagus spears, ruby-red strawberries, and pungent alliums. Our cooking style is a little different when it comes to spring recipes: Those long nights of slow simmers, braises, and elaborate cooking projects transition to quick dinners made in time to soak up the last hours of daylight, no-cook recipes, and whiling away evenings beside the grill, a patio snacks in abundance and a cocktail in hand. As TLP’s staff looks ahead to the new season of cooking, these spring recipes headline the list of what we can’t wait to make. 

A bowl of marinated olives from Indaco

Marinated Olives

I love olives and I really love the marinated olives at Indaco. When I saw this recipe from there, I jumped all over it. It’s easy to make and even easier to eat. Buon appetito!

Tom Giovanniello, regional sales manager

Boiled Peanuts feat

Boiled Peanuts

I’ve grown up eating boiled peanuts but I’ve never made them myself. I want to try this recipe with Creature Comforts beer that goes well with their pale ale, one of my favorite beers. I love a spicy kick, so I might add some of this Lowcountry Kettle Carolina Reaper Seasoning in addition to the dried chipotles chiles the recipe calls for.

Emily Havener, managing editor

Overnight Grits with Fried Eggs and Mushroom Ragout

Overnight Grits with Fried Eggs and Mushroom Ragout

I am slightly obsessed with grits, and Adrienne Cheatham’s recipe for overnight grits with fried eggs and mushroom ragout is my new secret weapon. Soaking the grits cuts down a bit on cooking time. I’ll use any leftovers to make her super simple arancini recipe, too. 

Erin Byers Murray, editor-in-chief

Image of Southern-Style Succotash

Southern-Style Succotash

Looking forward to succotash.

Joe Spector, publisher and CEO

Summer Vegetable Farro Salad with Herb Vinaigrette 

Summer Vegetable Farro with Herb Vinaigrette 

Big salad season is upon us, and I’ve been loving adding farro to almost every salad. It’s super nutritious and hearty, but be sure to pick up Trader Joe’s 10-minute farro for a quick and delicious addition to the spring salad game. The best dressing for my farro salad is a bright, creamy, and herby-green tahini sauce. It provides a nice depth to roasted vegetables and pairs well with the farro. 

Brendan Montesinos, editorial intern

Smoked Brisket

Smoked Brisket

Each spring, I like to master a new cut of meat on my smoker, and brisket is one of the few remaining that I haven’t tried. I will be leaning on the smoked brisket recipe from Eli and Andrea Kirshtein of The Luminary in Atlanta for my first attempt this year.

Chris Dugas, e-commerce engagement manager

Yucatan Pickled Red Onions

Yucatan Pickled Red Onions

At the end of the day, I love any meal in a bowl. With the warmer weather upon us, I’ve become obsessed with meal planning, prepping in advance, and including pickled red onion in everything. One of my favorites is the recipe for Yucutan pickled red onions. 

Angelique DeClerq, art director

Strawberry Galette

I’m a huge fan of galettes. They are such an easy way to get creative with in-season fruits and vegetables. With strawberry season among us, I have David Garcia’s strawberry galette on the menu. You really can’t beat homemade dough or a pie crust, but when I am feeling a little lazy,  opt for frozen pie crust or puff pastry à la Ina Garten’s “store-bought is fine” mentality.

Courtney Orman, 


The Cape Horn from the Longboard in Sullivan's Island

Cape Horn

My go-to cocktail recently has been a margarita, and I’m excited to kick it to the next level with the Cape Horn—it’s topped with prosecco!

Amanda Fitzgerald, director of sales and marketing

summer zest ready to be enjoyed at the pool

Summer Zest

With flowers starting to bloom, longer days, and warmer weather, hard lemonade is always my way to go! That is why this person of the lemon drop from Charleston-based distillery Zest is my favorite springtime drink.

Brian LePorte, advertising sales executive

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