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Summer Cocktails for Dad

By: The Local Palate

Have you thought yet about how you might celebrate the fathers in your life this weekend? If dad’s the sort who enjoys a cocktail, why not mix up something special to say, “Thanks for supporting our family’s flying circus all these years.” (And by support, we mean everything from bringing home the bacon to cooking it.)

Is Dad a beer man? A michelada could be just the ticket. The bloody mary and lager mash-up checks all our boxes for a summer day drink: low ABV, no fancy ingredients, and served ice-cold. It’s a natural partner for all kinds of fatherly pursuits, from brunching to golf-viewing to grill-sitting.

Another icy refresher: This piña del sol is like a piña colada but zippier, thanks to a splash of orange juice and a slice of habanero. In the same vein, San Antonio restauranteur Johnny Hernandez’ El Cenizo  takes a small jigger of mezcal to a classic on-the-rocks margarita to give it a smoky backbone. 

And for dads whose tastes skew brown water, we’ve got some terrific warm-weather bourbon beverage recipes. This smash with strawberry jam and Meyer lemons goes down easy (maybe too easy).  Or the Tallulah Belle for the guy who likes to reminisce about his youth spent dropping peanuts in his Coca Cola. It’s a project—including making your own bacon-fat roasted peanuts—but hey, so was raising you. Cheers to Dad!

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