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Shrimp being caught on a fishing boat
In the Field

Why Aren’t We Eating More Wild-Caught Shrimp? | Listen

Americans are eating more shrimp than ever, up to 5 pounds per capita per year, yet it’s not the shrimp most of them think they are eating

A spread of dishes and wine at The Select
First Look

A First Look at The Select | Listen

As The Select opens in Charleston, Julian Parker and his team can’t help but ruminate on the concept that history repeats itself.

Chocolate Bombolo from Eleanor Lacy of Bombolo
Culinary Class

A New Take on Chocolate Royale

A twist on Julia Child's Chocolate Royale, this crowd-favorite dessert made by Eleanor Lacy of Bombolo plays on its French roots.

Margaritas made with Ghost Tequila
In the Spirit

In the Spirit: Ghost Tequila | Listen

Coming into 2024, it’s easy to see how Ghost Tequila is quickly evolving from an intriguing tequila to making heat a household name.

Featured Image of Clinton Tedin making cocktails
The Riff

Well-Versed in Lenoir

Lenoir bartender Clinton Tedin from Austin serves up cocktails made mostly without liquor and favoring wine.

Two brooks farm rice being harvested for Wonderbird Spirits
Southern Makers

A Spirited Approach with Wonderbird Spirits | Listen

Mississippi gin from Wonderbird Spirits breaks the mold on locally sourced spirits partnering with Two Brooks Farm's Mississippi Delta rice.


Bookshelf: Las Islas Bonitas | Listen

Author and documentarian, Von Diaz, celebrates the traditional cooking techniques of tropical islands in her cookbook, Las Islas Bonitas.

Interior of new Emrils in New Orleans
In the Field

In the Kitchen with Chef EJ Lagasse of Emeril’s | Listen

TLP sat down with EJ Lagasse, Emeril's son, to discuss his own journey to culinary stardom in his home of New Orleans.

Making banana pudding ice cream
Culinary Class

Two Scoops of Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Toa Green shares her secret to the perfect banana pudding ice cream that tastes just like the real thing with this recipe.

a family shares a feast with a Mixed green salad w/ blue cheese and fine herbs
At the Table

A Significant Father’s Day for Chef Joe Cash | Listen

Joe Cash, the Greenville chef and owner behind Scoundrel, prepares and reflects on a season of new growth this Father's Day.