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Blackberry Mojito frozen with a blackberry and sprig of mint

Frozen Blackberry Mojito

Hailey Knight, bar manager at Félix in Charleston, shares her refreshing take on a fruit-forward mojito with this frozen blackberry mojito.

Bourbon Smash next to a basket of citrus

Bourbon Smash

Bar manager at Félix in Charleston, Hailey Knight, shares her go-to classic bourbon smash featuring sweet blueberries and peaches.

Holy Pozole mezcal cocktails in tall glasses with radishes and cilantro on top

Holy Pozole Mezcal Cocktail

These mezcal cocktails feature white hominy syrup, corn liquor, Mexican crema, and blue agave syrup. Top with radishes and cilantro.

Lil Pink Drink

Lil Pink Drink

This lil' pink drink pack a lot of unexpected tart and tangy flavor with lingonberries, pickled watermelon rinds, and salted watermelon foam.

Horse Play, a lime green drink with a roasted cucumber and horseradish skewered and placed at the top of the glass.

Horse Play Cocktail

Horseplay mixes the bright taste of cucumbers with the potent tang of horseradish to bring savory and fresh flavor to this cocktail.

A glass of bright orange liquid with a slice of dehydrated lemon and lots of ice. A Rhubarbra Streisand gin cocktail

Rhubarbra Streisand Gin Cocktail

This gin cocktail from Apothecary in Dallas, Texas, combines essences of honeysuckle, strawberry, caramel, and chrysanthemum.

A Blood Orange Cocktail. A bright yellow, red, and orange drink. The colors are swirling together in the glass. A slice of orange is inside.

Blood Orange Spritz

With dashes of lemon, green apple, and cardamom bitters mixed with sparkling rosé, this blood orange cocktail is a refreshing summer spritz.

LasAlmasRotas ©Marple 482 E 1

Las Almas Classic Margarita

This simple syrup classic margarita is the best of the best. Thank Las Almas Rotas in Dallas for this delicious concoction!


Faramalla Mezcal Punch

This mezcal punch promises to be everyone's best friend. Even with 20-25 servings, don't be surprised if this delicious Faramalla runs out.


Frozen Mezcal Mangonada

Food Culture of the South