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11 Super Easy Super Bowl Snacks

By: Maggie Ward

Get ready to cheer on your team with all the necessary Super Bowl snacks to fuel for the big game. We’ve got the dips, the dogs, the sliders, and slices to soak up game day brews and keep team spirit alive to the final victorious touchdown. Whether you’re a diehard football fan or just a fan of a good time, these game-raising recipes are sure to make you the star of the lineup of Super Bowl snacks.

Super Bowl Snacks That Score


Barbecue 7 Layer Dip

Okay, so who doesn’t want this classic crowd-pleaser on game day? This barbecue seven layer dip is just the thing to make your house the winning host year after year. Touchdown or foul, you’re winning.


Maple Bourbon Ribs

These sweet and tangy maple bourbon ribs are nothing to joke about. They will take any get-together to the next level and elicit some real rawh-rawh spirit from everyone on the couch.


Volcanes Nachos

These nachos are a game changer, full of spice and flavor. They will fuel you all the way to the end zone, through the finger-crossing, cheering, hugging, and air-punching.

Sam Jones' Sweet Coleslaw in a paper basket with a fork
Image by @samjonesbbq (Instagram)

Sam Jones’ Sweet Coleslaw

After eating the boldly seasoned volcanes nachos, you’re going to need something to cool your mouth so that you can keep cheering on the team. The sweet coleslaw from barbecue legend Sam Jones has your back.

Caramelized Onion Dip

Forget store-bought dips and packets of powdered mix: Making homemade onion dip from scratch is a cinch. The key is perfectly caramelizing the onions, a skill any home cook can master with a little patience.

Chili Bun and Slaw Dogs

Ronni Lundy breaks down the rules for the best buns hailing from West Virginia. Buns should be soft, not toasted. They can be dressed with bright yellow ballpark mustard and chopped white onion, but ketchup, pickles, and kraut are frowned on. Hot sauce—favored brands are Crystal, Tabasco, and Texas Pete—may be liberally applied by those who wish for more heat.

Meatball Sliders with Crispy Onions

It’s only during a football season that sliders become the handheld of choice. This recipe from the Ralph Brennan Restaurant Group in New Orleans brings plenty of textural contrast between the juicy slider, creamy hot mayo, and generous topping of crispy onions.

Southern Beer Cheese & Pretzels

The snack spread must include at least one warm, carby item. We like the dunkability of these pretzels. This recipe calls for shaping the pretzels as rods (easy and good for dipping into beer cheese), but feel free to twist them up (eye-catching and much more fun to eat).

Oak’s Tailgate Wings with Blue Cheese Dressing

Good wings are a must among any spread of Super Bowl snacks, but many recipes call for frying, which can be tricky to do at home. Avoid the hassle with this grilled wing recipe from Oak Steakhouse in Charleston.

Guacamole with Pepitas and Queso Fresco

from Diego Galicia and Rico Torres of Mixtli in San Antonio, Texas

The dunkin’ and dippin’, snackin’ and sippin’ continues with a proper chips-and-dip item. This guacamole recipe from Mixtli in San Antonio gets better with the addition of pepitas and queso fresco.

DOC Margherita and Diavola Pizza

from Lampo Neapolitan Pizzeria of Charlottesville, Virginia

Before the guests arrive, pull that pizza dough from your freezer (or make it yourself if you’re feeling motivated). If all else fails (or if you finish all of the snacks before halftime) throw together these quick pies from Lampo Neopolitan Pizzeria in Charlottesville, Virginia. In just a few minutes, you can get a hot slice into everyone’s hand.

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