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The Pearl Hotel, San Antonio

San Antonio is a city rich in history, culture, and an ever-evolving food scene. As one of only two United States' cities designated a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy, San Antonio is one of the most compelling food destinations in the country. The city’s food scene is inspired by innovative local chefs, San Antonio’s multicultural heritage, and rich culinary traditions for bold, original recipes and dining experiences. There are some amazing dishes singular to the city, and you should definitely try them if you encounter them on any menus. These include puffy tacos, Texas quail, chicken fried steak, pozole, and esquites. Everyone knows that Texas has great Mexican food because of its close proximity to the food's origin, and San Antonio is no exception. Check out Taqueria Datapoint for some mini tacos with all the toppings or breakfast platters and Ray's Drive Inn for quick and convenient Mexican food that has been served since the 1950s. More unique places to try include Clementine for Southern spin on dishes, Singhs Vietnamese for dishes like banh mi, and Curry Boys BBQ where Texas barbecue meets Southeast Asian curries.

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New Texas Restaurants on our List

In the Local Palate’s 2022 Restaurants Issue, Austin resident and contributor Veronica Meewes gives an overview of the new Texas restaurants.

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The Pearl of San Antonio

Pearl's food scene attracts residents and visitors in equal measure.

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At the Table

A Look at Texas’ Breakfast Taco Tradition

Breakfast tacos wrap eggs in tortillas with everything from chorizo to regional specialties like smoked brisket, nopales, and wild game meats.


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