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Fashion Forward cocktail

Fashion Forward

Cotton & Reed shares their take on an old fashioned with Fashion Forward that features the baking spice character of their Gold Rum.

Coconut Rickey

Coconut Rickey

Cotton & Reed share their take on Washington DC's native cocktail, The Coconut Ricky, utilizing their summertime favorite, coconut rum.

dirty chai trifle

Dirty Chai Trifle

This Dirty Chai Trifle recipe is the perfect final addition to your afternoon tea. It's sweetness perfectly compliments your savory snacks.

Maydan Carrot Cocktail

Empty Quarter (Juicy Carrot Cocktail)

When all else fails, this bright and zesty carrot cocktail is a surefire way to get your daily dose of vegetables and a tasty drink.


Baby Bird

Try this tart and fruit-forward cocktail that incorporates a green spiced rum, aperol and tropical flavors for a refreshing taste of summer.


Wet Money

Margarita and mai tai meet in a delicious combination of tequila, rum, and blue curacao with fruit flavors of lemon and passion fruit.


Cashew Chicken

This takeout classic was published in the New York Times when Tim Ma and Andrew Chiou from the Lucky Danger were included in a round-up of Asian American chefs celebrating Chinese-American cuisine. Though long on the page, the recipe move quickly–make sure you have your ingredients prepped [...]


Crab Rangoons

Andrew Chiou from Lucky Danger in Washington D.C. uses a rice cooker to temper the cream cheese, but a microwave will work too. You want it to be a very soft, spreadable consistency (without melting) to mix easily with the rest of the ingredients. Once mixed, let [...]


Broccoli Beef

Andrew Chiou from Lucky Danger in Washington D.C  shares this beef recipe that’s easy and quick to cook. “By the time I get all of it in, it’s time to start pulling it out,” Chiou says. The light coating of a cornstarch slurry is called velveting, and [...]


Ginger Garlic Shrimp

Tim Ma, the owner of Lucky Danger in Washington DC, takes after his Uncle Paul when it comes to family functions: A former New York chef, Paul brings ginger garlic shrimp to every occasion, and it’s one of the first recipes he passed on to Ma when [...]