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6 Batched Holiday Cocktails

By: The Local Palate

The holiday season has arrived, and a little cheer is in order for us all. Whip up a pitcher of one of these batched holiday cocktails while you wait for your turkey to roast, and you’ll be ready to enjoy your guests long after the pie tins have been scraped clean.

Make Merry with These Batched Holiday Cocktails

cranberry orange gin fizz batched holiday cocktail

Cranberry Orange Gin Fizz

Betsey Dahlberg of Hope Springs Distillery in Lilburn, Georgia, shares a batched gin fizz with holiday flavors like cinnamon simple syrup, cranberry juice, and ginger beer. The result is a well-balanced sipper, equal parts spicy and sweet, topped off with a festive garnish of cranberries, an orange slice, and a sprig of rosemary.

Nina Compton's West Indies Punch, batched holiday cocktail

West Indies Punch

New Orleans chef, Nina Compton, shares her favorite punch recipe, reminiscent of her Caribbean roots. Tropical with an emphasis on orange, this punch is fit for summertime sips or a holiday crowd.

sweet potato milk punch, batched holiday cocktail

Sweet Potato Bourbon Milk Punch

Kursten Berry’s fall milk punch came from the place she often gets her inspiration from: her family. Berry says, “My punch idea was inspired by my grandmother. I never really saw my grandmother drink, but my mom would tell me stories of what she used to drink. She had this thing, apparently, for milk punches. She typically did hers with scotch, so I was like, well, I think a bourbon sweet potato milk punch might be fire.”

honey badger batched holiday cocktail

Honey Badger

The Honey Badger comes from Rachel Holland of Easy Street Bistro in Chattanooga, Tennessee and is a combination of merlot, rye, sherry, and brandy with a little citrus thrown in. Holland recommends using the fruit syrup of your choice, and we lean toward orange or even fig for a holiday twist on this enticing punch.

santa's little helper batched holiday cocktail

Santa’s Little Helper

Erin Hirsch of Gaylord Opryland Resort in Nashville, Tennessee shares this whimsical and creamy cocktail with essences of coconut, sweet rum, cinnamon and nutmeg. For those looking for something a little stronger to go with their cookies, look no further than this creamy, spiked sipper.

the gingerman can, batched holiday cocktail

The Gingerman Can

For those entertaining, Kimberly Patton-Bragg’s Christmas cocktail, the Gingerman Can, echoes all the flavor notes of the her hot toddy old fashioned with punches of extra citrus and spice to ensure that your guests’ spirits are—and stay—bright.

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