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What began as a simmering riverfront renaissance when the freshwater Tennessee Aquarium opened in Chattanooga in 1992 has boiled southward, with a revamped Main Street, an infusion of trendy eateries, and an Innovation District where millennial entrepreneurs live and launch tech businesses by the dozen. The 1970s smog that once blackened the sky (and the white shirts of businessmen who often carried a change of clothes to work) has long cleared. It's since revealed mountains, tributaries, and lakes that draw cyclists, paddlers, and climbers. Victorian-era warehouses are quickly morphing from abandoned eyesores into apartments, shops, and restaurants that pay homage to the city’s industrial heritage. To start the day, head to Maple Street Biscuit Company for a signature chicken biscuit, or a vegetarian alternative with goat cheese and sautéed spinach. For a sweeter morning, stop by Adelle’s Creperie and order a sweet crepe drizzled with honey or caramel and oozing with Nutella. At The Daily Ration, people-watchers can relax on a sprawling street-side patio where gas pumps once anchored the neighborhood gas station. Stroll through the Merchants on Main collective for local pottery, recycled light fixtures and furniture, and Chattanooga-made olive oils.

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Charleston's Frosé King shares his ultimate do's and don'ts for making Grade A frosé right at home with just three ingredients and a freezer.

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New Restaurants in Tennessee

In the Local Palate’s New Restaurants Issue, editor-in-chief and Nashville resident Erin Byers Murray gives an overview of the new restaurants open in Tennessee.

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Catfish Run Wild in Chattanooga

Chef Matt Greene lets the catfish out of the bag with his Italian-inspired dish, catfish milanese, served at Common House in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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