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Most Popular Recipes of 2022

By: Hannah Lee Leidy

Our cooking and eating habits in 2022 were, if anything, a celebration of togetherness. Cocktails for sunny gatherings, platters of appetizers and sides meant for sharing, fondue parties, and towering cakes showed that each season was capped by social hangs, dinner parties, and reveling in our family’s company during meal times.

Unsurprisingly, duck fat gravy topped the charts (it’s been the most popular recipe among TLP readers for years). And the trends showed interest in not one, but two recipes for layered coconut cakes. Looking ahead to upcoming food trends, NPR journalist Alina Selyukh predicted that aspic would rise in popularity 2023. However, the hankering for tomato aspic our readers displayed in the last year showed that craving came sooner than anticipated. From fondue spreads to battered blue crabs, here were the most popular recipes across the South in 2022.


Duck fat gravy fries were one of the most popular recipes in 2022 on the Local Palate

Duck Fat Gravy

By far the most popular recipe on our site, this duck fat gravy from the Tattooed Moose in Charleston caught readers’ eyes and stomachs. Do as the Moose and serve it with crispy fries. If anything could solve our woes in 2022, it’d be gravy and fried food.

Azalea cocktails were one of the Local Palate's most popular recipes in 2022

Azalea Cocktail

This essential cocktail at the Masters is named for the vibrant, pink blooms surrounding the golf course. Tart, sweet, and punch-like in flavor, a batch of these makes for prime viewing.

Plated tomato aspic surrounded by sliced cherry tomatoes, one of the most popular recipes in 2022

Tomato Aspic

The brilliant red molded gelatin pays homage to elegant luncheons of yesteryear. Its flavor profile is similar to a bloody mary, savory and slightly spiced. Serve with an herbed mayonnaise (we recommend the basil aïoli in this recipe).

Beef fondue was one of the most popular recipes in 2022

Marinated Beef Fondue

Cozying around a steamy pot to prepare dinner feels like the perfect solution to ward off the cold. No need to reserve fondue to a fancy dinner out thanks to this super simple marinade recipe.

Peninsula Grill’s Ultimate Coconut Cake

From presenting a dessert worthy of major milestones to elevating the low points, this twelve-layer cake celebrates and comforts at all the right times. No need to book a reservation to get a slice of the Peninsula Grill’s ultimate coconut cake. This recipe breaks down the mystique into easy-to-follow steps.

The Gamechanger

While the punch bowl cocktail trends dominated 2022, TLP readers leaned into this frozen riff on Pusser’s painkiller, crafted by Home Team BBQ on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina.

Batter-Fried Hard Shell Blue Crabs

Debate surrounds the best way to eat blue crabs: Soft shell? Roasted? Grilled? Sandwiched? While we wager there’s no wrong way to enjoy the Atlantic crustaceans, readers weighed in with a resounding preference for coating them in a spicy beer batter before popping them into the fryer.

Skillet Chicken in a pan with herbs

Skillet Chicken

Our crispy chicken is about to become your new favorite dinner! The garlic, thyme, and rosemary sprigs give it a sensational flavor. Don’t forget add-ons like rice or mashed potatoes to round out the meal. Only a few ingredients and less than an hour of preparation time stand between you and this meal.

Coconut cake recipe

Coconut Pecan Cake

This recipe uses coconut and all its byproducts, including coconut milk, coconut cream, and coconut extract. The result is a rich, layered cake where the sweet-nutty flavor shines.


Tacos de Suadero

Referring to the thin-cut, light-colored meat at the cow’s navel plate, the suadero meat cooks low and slow for six hours to create an ultra-tender filling. Make this on a weekend for quick dinners on hand all week.

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