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Eat and Drink in the Queen City

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As one of the top-growing cities in the United States, Charlotte, North Carolina, has much to offer. Two types of football leagues, baseball, basketball, all kinds of banks and breweries, food halls, mural art, outdoor recreational activities, and more. Longing for mountains, waterfalls, or beaches? Charlotte Douglas International Airport is a hub for all sorts of direct flights to other corners of the country. The Queen City’s culinary scene is growing thanks to the sister concepts of many seasoned restaurateurs. Ingenuity paired with creativity is at the helm of these thriving expansions popping up across the city. Check out the eateries mingling with shopping concepts and nonprofits based in the NoDa district, or sample flavors from around the world at Optimist Hall. This city has its share of craft breweries–seek out the world-class beer at Olde Mecklenburg, Charlotte’s oldest brewery. Looking for a more upscale setting? Peruse artists’ creations while sipping on a craft cocktail or tucking into a signature dish Artisan’s Palate, a restaurant-gallery hybrid.

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Charlotte’s Quirkiest Neighborhood

Surprises await around every corner of Charlotte’s quirkiest neighborhood, NoDa—short for North Davidson, its everyone’s-welcome main street.

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Alright, Charlotte, Let’s Eat!

Navigating a new city is tough. Charlotte, the Queen City has much to offer. Get a snapshot of Charlotte to find new restaurants, snacks, and places to visit.

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Charlotte’s Growing Culinary Family

Charlotte’s culinary scene is growing thanks to sister concepts of seasoned restaurateurs. Read about what's new and upcoming in the food sector of Queen City.

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Charlotte Artisans Meet the Makers from Charlotte, NC

Charlotte is full of artisans and visionaries who are creating moments and moving this city forward in a progressive direction.

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Charlotte Dining Worth Fall-ing For

It’s fall in Charlotte, and there’s no better way to enjoy the season's flavors of fall than by indulging in delicacies that abound from charcuterie to caramel.

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Catfish Stew over Rice

In a saucepan over medium heat, make a roux by melting butter and adding flour; cook, stirring often, until it’s the color of chocolate.


SPF 100

Make the award-winning bar Billy Sunday's spicy SPF 100 cocktail recipe.


Scallop Spaghetti

This dish shows off some cooking skills while allowing familiar and flavorful mouthfuls of pesto and lemon pasta to please all its tasters.

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Herbed Rice Stuffed Delicata Squash

Herbed rice stuffed delicata squash from chef Shai Fargian of YAFO Kitchen in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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Getaway: Grand Bohemian Hotel Charlotte

The Kessler Collection’s latest addition is an elegant, funky-meets-luxury art haven in the heart of Uptown Charlotte’s financial district.

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Travel the World at Optimist Hall in Charlotte

Travel the world of food at Optimist Hall in Charlotte. Food cuisines of all kinds from Mexican to Italian to Asian. Try new meals, drinks, and desserts.

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The New Age of Hospitality

The workers’ side of a restaurant can be fast-paced, gritty, and high-stress. Covid-19 has accelerated growing calls to change this industry standard.

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Meet Brigitte Oger, Charlotte’s Abstract Cake Maker

Queen City cakemaker Brigitte Oger creates custom cakes for a wide audience including folks seeking gluten- and dairy-free options.

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Explore Charlotte’s Craft Beer Scene

Finding the perfect pour in Charlotte to accompany local cuisine is an easy match for the city's craft breweries. Here are the places to start your search...

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