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Current Issue

Winter 2020-2021
From the Magazine / 8.19.20

Southern Makers: Osa Atoe

Osa Atoe creates pottery that is elegant and distinct: striking terracotta with simple geometric motifs and pastel glazes inspired by her local surroundings.

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From the Magazine / 1.14.20

A Home Cook’s
Guide to Cast Iron

We sat down with Isaac Morton of Smithey Ironware to get his take on the pieces every cook needs, plus how to make the most of the pans once you’ve got them.

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From the Magazine / 4.23.18

Bladesmith to the Stars

Friday was a good day for Quintin Middleton. As he packed up his wares after the first day of selling in the artisan tent at the Charleston Wine + Food Festival, he mentally took inventory of his remaining stock. “I’m gonna need to go home and make some more knives tonight!”

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From the Magazine / 8.3.20

The Unlikely Confectioner

At Jardí Chocolates named for the Catalan word for garden, Jocely Gragg transforms the confection into truffles, chocolate-covered nuts, and elaborately filled candy bars.

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From the Magazine / 7.26.18

Carolina Ground Goes
Against the Grain

Imagine the baker archetype, tethered to the oven hearth while a humble brick of hand-mixed dough transforms into magic inside. Then there’s the farmer, skin ruddy and calloused, pouring blood and sweat into the earth and praying for sustenance in return. 

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From the Magazine / 9.30.19

Eatymology: Macaroni and Cheese

A cheese and noodle casserole integral to African American holiday tab

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From the Magazine / 11.10.17

Eatymology: Oyster Dressing

A dish typically served in the coastal South during the holidays

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From the Magazine / 11.30.17

Eatymology: Black Cake

A holiday cake made with rum-soaked fruit popular throughout the Anglophone Caribbean

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From the Magazine / 12.11.19

These Oysters are the Perfect Party Starter

Step aside pimento cheese and pâté, the only hors d’oeuvres we want to eat on Thanksgiving are oysters.

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From the Magazine / 11.29.18

12 Wines to Buy for the Holidays

These are the bottles Femi Oyediran of Graft Wine Shop is keeping stocked this holiday season.

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