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Current Issue

Summer 2021
From the Magazine / 5.25.21

Our Summer Issue is Here!

Dive into summer by eating outdoors, making the most of farmers market bounty, and keeping cool with a host of new canned beverages.

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Dining / 6.9.21

Durham’s Ultimate Seafood Joint

Entrepreneurial spirit meets down-home ethos at Saltbox Seafood Joint.

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From the Magazine / 6.10.21

Gone to Market

Tips on some of our summer favorites—peaches, tomatoes, and peppers—including how to pick ‘em and some simple preparations to make them shine.

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Dining / 6.23.21

Your Barbecue Bucket List

Whether you’re looking to expand your barbecue horizons or just want a well-timed detour on your next summer road trip, TLP is here to help.

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From the Magazine / 5.16.18

Barbecue Nation

There’s an oft-repeated assertion that the United States has four main barbecue styles: Memphis, Carolina, Kansas City, and Texas. Where this reductive notion came from I have no clue, but it’s repeated consistently by food writers tackling a barbecue feature for the first time and in such esteemed scholarly sources as Wikipedia.

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From the Magazine / 3.1.21

Southern Makers: Tootsie Tomanetz

In Lexington, Texas, Tootsie Tomanetz, the 84-year-old pitmaster at Snow’s, was the catalyst that set the barbecue craze in motion.

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From the Magazine / 7.10.17

The Keeper of the Flame

Amy Mills, daughter of a legendary pitmaster, picks up the torch in Murphysboro, Illinois   The sleeves of Amy Mills’ emerald green blouse fluttered about her wrists as she placed a plate of smoked sausage slices and pimento cheese onto a table surrounded by burly men wearing hooded sweatshirts and trucker’s caps. Her bright red […]

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From the Magazine / 5.17.19

Smart Smoking

In her latest cookbook, Paula Disbrowe makes the case for weeknight grilling.

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From the Magazine / 6.14.21

A Seat at the Table with Josephine Orìa

Sobremesa follows author Josephine Camino Orìa’s multi-cultural journey as a second-generation Argentine-American and how the cultural staple helped her make sense of the world.

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Travel / 6.4.21

The Getaway: Hotel Emeline

Charleston’s newest hotel, Emeline provides a respite for the savvy traveler.

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From the Magazine / 6.21.21

Key Ingredient: Duke’s Mayonnaise

With its cult-like following and range of versatility, this regional mayonnaise should be a big part of your everyday summer pantry.

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Beverages / 6.11.21

The Riff: Frozen Margaritas

The origins of the margarita belong, of course, to Mexico, but we have Texas to thank for the drink’s frosty, slushy iteration.

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From the Magazine / 6.2.21

Cultivators: Giving Kitchen

The food industry-supporting, Georgia-based nonprofit Giving Kitchen is turning its eye toward substance abuse recovery–and a major expansion.

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Culture / 7.9.21

Southern Makers: Heart and Spade Forge

In a world where most building pieces are premade and assembled, Jed Curtis is a rare person who wants to take raw materials and make something beautiful.

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