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Labor Day Desserts to Beat the Heat

By: Maggie Ward

Cool down this Labor Day Weekend with a spiked slushy or ice cream made with high-quality ingredients. Artisanal creations venture beyond the conventional for unexpected flavor combinations and refreshing takes on staple summer delights. From floats to affogatos, ice cream sandwiches to tiki cocktails, these Labor Day desserts and frozen treats will help you send summer out in style.

Ice Cream and Gelato Recipes

Satsuma ice cream makes a fitting Labor Day dessert or winter flavor.

Satsuma Dreamsicle Ice Cream

Lafayette chef Ashley Roussel utilizes Louisiana satsuma to incorporate some zing into an orange dreamsicle ice cream recipe.

Homemade red velvet cake gelato and chocolate chip gelato, served in a waffle cone, make summer-ready Labor Day desserts

Red Velvet Cake Gelato & Chocolate Chip Gelato

Little sister to Sullivan’s Island favorite Obstinate Daughter, Beardcat’s shares the same dedication to local ingredients channeled into innovative flavors at the gelateria.

Homemade straciatella gelato is a refreshing and elegant Labor Day dessert.

Straciatella Gelato

You can’t go wrong with this creamy, chocolate hard-shell treat that shakes up the status quo by incorporating carob powder instead of cocoa (although that works in this recipe too).

Two halves of the Kentucky colonel mint gelato cookie sandwiches for Labor Day desserts.

Kentucky Colonel Mint Gelato Cookie Sandwiches

Bourbon-smoked sugar cookies forge the base of this julep-inspired take on the classic drink from Proof on Main in Louisville, Kentucky, but in frozen form. Both the cookies and gelato hold their own individually, but together they pair for a worthy Labor Day dessert.

Stack of chocolate whoopie pies with mint ice cream for a Labor Day dessert.

Chocolate Whoopie Pies with Mint Ice Cream

What feels more like summertime than an ice cream sandwich? We take the classic up a notch with a refreshing mint ice cream center.

2 dishes of peach iced tea sorbet

Peach Iced Tea Sorbet

Sipping a refreshing glass of iced tea goes hand-in-hand with summertime. But kick it up a notch for a spoonable Labor Day dessert this weekend.

Labor Day Recipes: Frozen Drinks

If you’d prefer to drink your dessert (we’re right there with you), these frosty beverages keep the heat at bay during outdoor hangouts.

Frozen Mezcal Mangonada

The origins of the margarita belong, of course, to Mexico, but we have Las Almas Rotas, in Dallas to thank for the drink’s frosty, slushy iteration.

Frozen Old Fashioned

At Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery in Nashville, brothers Charlie and Andy Nelson celebrate from Memorial Day to Labor Day with a frozen old fashioned made with their own Belle Meade Bourbon.

Jagermeister Root Beer Float

You’ve never had a root beer float quite like this one. Montage Palmetto Bluff in Bluffton brings up this adult ice cream treat that includes Jagermeister to add an extra level of fun to this nostalgic dessert.

Slushy, Boozy, Sparkling Citrus Tea

Brighten up a sweltering southern summer day with this boozy iced tea slushy that adds bourbon and ginger ale to an already refreshing treat.


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